No Life on Earth is a metal band that started during the quarantine with the collaboration on Alan Wallace of Eminence and Jay Arriaga from Scattered Storm. From there PJ from Pop Super Group Jota Quest joined on bass and Andre Acosta on vocals from Hereafter The Wave. Together they decided to write an EP called Into Fire We Burn.

Each song features excellent solos from Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Cesar Soto (Ministry), Hector Camarena (Hereafter the Wave) & The producer Tue Madsen.

Into Fire We Burn (EP)
1 – Into Fire We Burn – (Featuring Hector Camarena, ”Hereafter the Wave””)
2 – The Gravity – (Featuring Andreas Kisser, “Sepultura”)
3 – Nothing is Real – (Featuring Cesar Soto, “Ministry”)
4 – Time is Blind – (Featuring Tue Madsen, “Antfarm Studios”)

Produced by Jay Arriaga & Alan Wallace
Mixed by Jay Arriaga in El Paso,TX, USA at Empty Paradise Studios
Mastered by Alan Wallace in Belo Horizonte, Brazil at Eminence Studios
Artwork by Marco Pimentel

Jay Arriaga – Drums

Alan Wallace – Guitar

PJ – Bass

Andre Acosta – Vocals